Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Well allrighty then!

Challenge: My daughter's eighth grade awards banquet this evening, catered by a local restaurant.

So I made the phone call and got the scoop on the buffet (which I like to say BUFFETT, ya know, like Jimmy in Margaritaville?)

Marinated chicken breasts - yes there is soy sauce in the marinade and not knowing what brand and if it's gluten-free, not willing to take a chance there.

Ham - no soy sauce there, it should be okay. Gonna weigh that one when I get there.

Mashed potatoes and gravy - if they were real they would be okie dokie (and let's face it, when did you ever get REAL potatoes at a catered middle school assembly?) So left with the sad fact of instant - the taters are a no-no. And gravy, well - don't even have to toss that one around the old noggin.

Green beans - no added sauces. Yay!

Tossed salad - just greens, carrots, etc. No croutons. Note to self: Don't forget to bring your own salad dressing.


Spice Cake - Good thing I'm not a huge fan of spice cake, but I'm sure it will look pretty enticing tonight.

And of course the food is not the main event and I just need to keep in mind that I am so blessed to have a healthy daughter who garnered us this invite by keeping her grades up. It's not about me, it's about her.

And that will be the icing on cake!


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